For centuries, Christians have longed to travel to the Holy Land to experience the land of the Bible and walk where Jesus walked. Pilgrimage with New Lens Biblical Studies allows us to communally study the biblical stories where they happened, while experientially discovering what would have been familiar in the biblical world.

Throughout our two-week journey, we will visit and study at sites from both the Old and New Testaments. From the northern cities of Caesarea Philippi and Dan to the Wilderness of Zin down south, we will explore the Bible within the cultural context in which it was written. The pages of Scripture will come alive as we walk the streets of Old City Jerusalem, float in the Dead Sea, explore atop Masada, hike through Ein Gedi, sail across the Sea of Galilee, and so much more.

At sites and on the bus, we will experience rabbinic-style teaching from professor and biblical culturalist Kristi McLelland, who has been shepherding biblical studies teams in Israel since 2008. We can never unsee what we’ve seen. Through pilgrimage, we gain embodied understanding of the biblical narrative!