Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.

—Psalm 84:5

Is it your time to go on pilgrimage…to move from “strength to strength”?


Join us for two life-changing weeks of studying the Bible in its original context: the Holy Land.  Our faith is deepened, strengthened, and encouraged as we journey through the land of Israel. Preparation for Israel trips includes Kristi’s 11-week Israel Series.


Day 1 | Depart USA

Day 2 | Arrive Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion Airport) & transfer to hotel

Day 3 | Temple Mount, City of David, Western Wall, Kidron & Hinnon Valley

Day 4 | Hebron, Machpelah, Patriarch’s tombs, capital of David, Herodium, & Bethlehem

Day 5 | Bethany, Mt of Olives, Kidron Valley, Holy Sepulcher, Golgotha, Bethesda, Siloam, Hezekiah’s Tunnel & Garden Tomb

Day 6 | Jericho, Shiloh, Jacob’s Well, Mount Gerizim & Shechem, Mount Ebal

Day 7 | Negev, Wilderness of Zin, Brad, & Beersheba

Day 8 | Shephelah of Judah, Jericho, Gibeon, Beth-Shemesh, & Valley of Elah

Day 9 | Wilderness of Judah, Masada, En Gedi, & Qumran – Transfer to Sea of Galilee

Day 10 | Golan Heights, Gamla, Caeserea Philippi, & Dan

Day 11 | Jezreel Valley, Beth Shan, Mt. Gilboa, Mt. Moreh, Mt. Tabor, Jordan, & Nazareth

Day 12 | Boat ride across the Sea of Galilee, visit Capernaum, Korazin, Magdala, & Arbel Cliffs

Day 13 | Megiddo, Caesarea Maritima, & Valley of Amageddon – Transfer to Airport

Day 14 | Arrive in the USA



Italy was a pivotal hub for New Testament events. Travel around the gorgeous countryside and discover the key sites and cities of the early church. Preparation for Italy trips includes Kristi’s 7-week Italy Series.


Day 1 | Depart USA

Day 2 | Arrive in Rome Airport, Lunch in Napels (National Archaeological Museum), Transfer to overnight hotel in Pompei

Day 3 | Pompei (Pompei tour, Herculeum)

Day 4 | Capri (Morning Ferry, Jovis hike, Free Time), Rome

Day 5 | Rome (Private Sistine Chapel tour, Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum, Colosseum, St. Clements

Day 6 | Rome (St. Paul Alla Regola, Complex Three Fountains Abbey, Catacombs of Saint Sebastian) to Assisi

Day 7 | Assisi (Assisi Basilica), Florence

Day 8 | Florence (Piazza della Signoria, Florence Cathedral, Basilica of the Baptistery of John, Accademia Galley), Rome

Day 9 | Return to USA



God used ordinary men and women to spread the gospel throughout the Greco-Roman world. This is your opportunity to study the New Testament from Acts-Revelation where it happened. Preparation for Turkey & Greece trips includes Kristi’s 11-week Turkey & Greece Series.


Day 1 | Depart USA

Day 2 | Arrive in Turkey

Day 3 | Istanbul

Day 4 | Antalya to Pisidian Antioch

Day 5 | Pamukkale

Day 6 | Pamukkale to Ephesus

Day 7 | Izmir

Day 8 | Pergamum & Canakkale

Day 9 | Philippi

Day 10 | Thessaloniki to Athens

Day 11 | Mt. Olympus and Delphi

Day 12 | Corinth

Day 13 | Athens

Day 14 | Depart from Greece


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