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The Bible is not only the best Story that’s ever been written, it’s also the truest! Every story within the Bible is like a pearl. What’s more beautiful than a single pearl is a string of pearls. Israel: God is Better than You Think introduces us to the Middle Eastern lens of Scripture, as we journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, stringing together the pearls of this timeless, transformational Story!

In Italy: Gospel on the Ground, we focus on the biblical and historical story of the Early Church. Jesus never traveled outside a 100-mile radius of where He was born, yet His name is spoken in every corner of the earth. This is the story of how it happened and is still happening. We study from the New Testament book of Acts, along with The Didache, the ancient manual of the Early Church.

As we discover Jesus in His Middle Eastern world, we see Him busting through cultural barriers to bring two things to women each time He interacted with them. Join us for Jesus & Women to find out what Jesus was doing that set Him apart from other rabbis and religious leaders!

In Sabbath, we find out how Sabbath is better than, other than, and more than we ever imagined! We learn that Sabbath is a “celebration of the restoration.” Out of the 613 instructions given by God to Moses, Sabbath ranks high on the list!

In Luke 15, Jesus offers a trilogy of parables in response to the grumbling of the religious leaders. Westerners know these parables as the lost sheep, lost coin, and lost (“prodigal”) son. In the Middle East, God is the focus of each biblical story – a lens which uniquely shapes Middle Easterners’ understanding of these parables. Discover these cultural differences, as well as how Jesus defined “repentance,” in The Running Father!