February 23, 2019

Jerusalem is one of the most excavated cities in the world. As an epicenter of history and spirituality, archaeologists have been searching for its hidden artifacts for centuries. Join us for a morning of teaching and discovery with the world-renowned archaeologist, Dr. Gabi Barkay. Learn the stories behind the oldest portions of scripture ever found and what lies beneath the Temple Mount. And for the first time, Dr. Barkay, will share his personal account as a Holocaust survivor and his career highlights.

February 23 | 8:30 am – 12:30 pm



Session 1: Dr. Gabi shares his personal story as a Holocaust survivor, a soldier in the Yom Kippur War, and his friendship with Golda Meir (former Israeli Prime Minister)

Session 2: Discovering the ‘Silver Scrolls’ (predates the Dead Sea Scrolls by 400 years)

Session 3: History of Jerusalem & Temple Mount Sifting Project (discoveries from Solomon’s and Herod’s Temples)

Session 4: Q & A with Dr. Gabi (optional)

Dr. Gabi Barkay Bio

Dr. Gabriel Barkay was born in Hungary in 1944 and immigrated to Israel in 1950. After graduating from Hebrew University summa cum laude where he studied archaeology, comparative religion, and geography, he graduated summa cum laude from Tel Aviv University with a Ph.D. in archaeology in 1985.

He has participated on various levels in numerous digs, and discovered the Silver Scrolls, two silver amulets that contain the Priestly Benediction (Numbers 6:24-26), which are the earliest recorded biblical verses ( dated to the late-7th century B.C. First Temple period) that mention the name “YHWH.” This makes the amulets the oldest Biblical inscriptions ever found, predating the Dead Sea Scrolls by at least 400 years, and the first mentioning the name of the LORD.

More recently, a 2,700-year-old clay seal was unearthed within the ancient City of David. Under Dr. Barkay’s direction, an archaeological team at the Israel Excavation Society Sifting Project sifted through the dig site’s debris and discovered the now-famous “Bethlehem Seal” dated to the 7th century B.C. Dr. Barkay was the first to translate the seal’s significant three-line inscription which says “In the 7th year, Bethlehem, for the king”.

Dr. Barkay is the recipient of the 1996 Jerusalem Prize for Archaeological Research and is a professor at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv. He has spent more than 30 years teaching at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies, and guest lectures at the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem.

Dr. Gabriel Barkay


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